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 Puddin' River Fondue and Pimento Cheese Spread

Puddin' River Fondue and Pimento Cheese Spread are easy and delicious appetizers for any event. 

Puddin' River Fondue

The label may read classic fondue, but Puddin' River Chocolates has taken this traditional item to another level.


With an ideal blend of Swiss cheese, wine and spices, this decadent fondue will be the only one you want to bring home again! The packaging allows you to warm directly from the jar (please remove the lid...), in one serving or savor for many.


The perfect addition for a party or special night a home!


After opening, fondue will last for a year refrigerated.


12 oz Jar: $10          48 oz Tub: $36

Puddin' River Classic Pimento Cheese Spread

Leave it cold, Love it Hot!
Our pimento cheese spread is the latest and greatest creation from the Puddin' River kitchen!  We have put a Pacific Northwest twist on this Southern staple.


The combination of this creamy, salty and spicy spread will make you swoon! Serve with crackers, bread or veggies as a tasty dip.  Skip traditional cheese and top your favorite sandwich and melt over hamburgers. 


The possibilites are undless!


6 oz. package: $6

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